Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ikat Medallion Print. Chevron. Imperial Trellis. Indigo.

I know that got your attention. And that's good, because I am in lurve with all of those. So if you lurve them too, let's be friends. Hey, Check out these cool pillow covers in ALL OF THOSE AMAZING FABRICS!

Guess who made those? Three guesses. Starts with an M, ends with a T, and has been a REALLY bad blogger recently. 
I  blame my manic sewing for my radio silence these past, oh, weeks. 

Oh my Jeebus, I love pillows. The best part, though, is that these are pillow covers! I can change my mind as much as I want! They have zippers! Zippers that are able to be opened! Whee! 

I really need to lay off this caffeine.  

( I made those pillows, by they way, in case you still haven't figured that out.)

Zach says I have to sell some because he can't see the couch. 

Soooo I put some up on my Etsy store!

I have 3 or 4 standard sizes up there now, but if you need something specific- I can do that! 

They're priced at $25 for those not in the 'know', but for you guys they are just $12 plus shipping. Just message me saying you are a Sugar and Spackle follower (if indeed you are. If you are not, well there's a fun little button just on your left there...)

Just a little way for me to say I lurve you guys. 
Cause I totes do. 


  1. They're so beautiful! Well done! (Even if it keeps you from the blogosphere :) )

  2. I'm thinking the Ikat one would look soooo wonderful on my sofa! They are all just lovely. I just sewed a few pillows myself and I need to put those on my blog too come to think of it. LOL


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