Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucketts Be a Lady Tonight

This weekend I popped up to my old stomping ground, Washington, D.C. to surprise my bestie for her Law School Graduation weekend! Eee! I love a good surprise! Anyhoo, I was super pumped that the next day we found ourselves on our way out to Luckett's, VA to visit Luckett's Antique Market! I've heard read its praises sung by loads of people across the interwebs, so here are some of my favorite "inspiration" shots from Lucketts

You cant tell from this picture but this table has lovely finials and industrial cubbies filled with goodies like lavender soap and knobs.

Paris baskets! Do I smell a DIY?

Digging industrial/library. Can't ya tell?

This would be so lovely for  a greenhouse/terrarium

This was definitely one of the highlights, being able to visit Miss Mustard Seed's pavilion and see her AWESOME work up close! Unfortunately there was a gigantic wasp that was also visiting MMS, so I high-tailed it outta there. Freakin' hate bees.


I love this vignette. Its so old-timey and rustic and industrial

Wouldn't these pallets be awesome as a coffee table?

Probably one of my more favorite pictures- old cosmetic tin on a vintage mirrored tray

I have an addiction to suitcases

That pretty much summarizes my day at Lucketts! Thanks to the girls for an awesome weekend, and I'll have to come back up when I can actually BUY something there!!!


  1. so much inspiration! looks like you had fun.


  2. Your pics are awesome!! Thank you again SO much for coming up - I was overjoyed to have you there and I hope you had as much fun as I did!! XOXO


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