Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anthropologie Hack: DIY Driftwood Hurricane

Let me just say that I lurve hot glue. This was a delightful experiment in, well, experimenting- and it turned out great! I often come across things that look complex, but I'm like "you know, I bet I could make that with some hot glue" and every once and a while...I am correct.  Sweet, Sweet Success.

This project wasn't exactly free for me, since I had to buy the driftwood for $24(that includes shipping) bucks from, from this lovely chap in the UK from Etsy. But you could easily make this using things from your yard/beach/ neighbor's yard. 
He even gave me " a wee bit extra!" 
tee hee!
Thank you, Phil! 

The process was pretty easy. I used all the tallest sticks first and spaced them around the jar (which I already had on hand), and then layered the next tallest, ect... around to create a layered effect.

My conversations throughout the night went a little something like this: 
 Friend: "What are you up to"
Me: "Just gluing driftwood to an apothacary jar"
Friend: "..."
Me: " Hey, did you know that vodka, limeade and club soda are DELICIOUS?!"

(seriously, they are. By the way, honey, if you are reading this, we're out of Limeade. ) 


Pretty pumped about how that turned out. 

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  1. love! might run down to the beach and poke around for some stuff to make that :)

  2. It is SO easy! I just glued directly to the container so make sure its one you don't mind having locked into being dressed in sticks!

  3. I love it! This is one I will definitely be trying, as I have a pretty unlimited supply of driftwood :)

  4. Wow! I love it. Beautifully done.

  5. LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What great job!!!!!!
    I want one too!!!!!
    I am so finding Phil!!

  6. Girlfriend, this looks JUST like the Anthro one. Well done! And I did not judge you at all when you told me you were gluing driftwood to a jar. I wish you were here so we could glue things together!

    (P.S. When I comment on your blog I always feel like I should add a disclaimer that I know you in real life so that people don't think I'm like some creeper who comes on this blog and pretends to be friends with you.)

  7. haha. i love driftwood. i purchased a huge chunk of a driftwood table from Crate and Barrel right before moving to australia, it's currently in storage but i had to have it in case it was no longer carried when i moved back to the US

    i was thinking it looked a little beach cottagey and you tagged her at the end of your blog!

    i'm following your blog. i love it!

  8. You hacked the sh*t out of that, looks just like the original. Major props and sprinkles. The chocolate kind.

  9. This turned out SO well. I love Anthro hacks, because I could seriously own the entire store. Plus, yu got a good story and a wit bit extra just in case! :)


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