Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Stick-y Situation

Here's a shoutout to all those people who absolutely make their husband/friend/family member/ cab driver STOP THE CAR because you saw some really cool branches by that Bank of America ATM. 

I think I need to create new Pinterest board entitled "Things to do with sticks". 
Here are a few of my favorite nature-inspired ideas that really "stick". 
 This is a super easy idea to DIY, and given that they're even tied together with string, you can remove as needed! I love incorporating natural elements like this into my seasonal decorating, especially around Christmastime and springtime.

Driftwood hurricane idea courtesy of Anthropologie. I literally could put this anywhere, anytime. I may actually just carry it around with me.
I've got immediate plans to DIY this bad boy- just ordered some driftwood from this shop on Etsy and my hot glue gun is warming up!

And of course this Branch-o-lier from Mrs. Limestone at A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress. It's so pretty for the holidays, but wouldn't it be fun for Halloween, too? Maybe with some black crows perched ominously? As you can tell, it is barely summer and I am already jonesin' for Halloween. Just 5 more months, people!

I just love the impact that these few, and usually FREE touches make!
If you come across any more stick touches, you need to let me know ASAP. 

I'm not kidding.


  1. Oh no you didn't. How did you even see the branches from the road. Super eye vision.


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