Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Blue da ba de ba da doo...

Do you remember that song from Eiffel 65? In case you're looking for something to get stuck in your head for EVER:

Hi guys, 
Thanks for bearing with me the other day. Perhaps I was taking out my "blue" mood is some subconcious freudian way this weekend, because someone *rasies hand* went a little nuts with the color blue in the master bedroom. Or should I call it the master BLUE room. No? Ok. Well- see what I mean:
 Here's a close-up of those curtains.
 I have been eyeing this fabric for EVAH and this weekend I stumbled upon it at my favorite discount fabric store, Boca Bargoons Fabric Outlet, on 20th street in Boca Raton. Where it was $21 a yard after their 40% off everything sale that they always seem to have going on. Sooo...  This is a splurge for me, considering that curtains generally require 6+ yards, but in my mind, sooo worth it. Our room was threatening to win the world cup in beige-ness.

Here's a peek before:

Here's after I made my $10 DIY Headboard

 Ah, much better. Now to add some pops of color! 
I'm a sucker for indigo. I'm an indigo girl.

I made those drapes, BTW. With my buddy, Mr. Sewing Machine. You can see that only one has the blackout lining done because I am lazy, and that first one was a BIIIITCH. 

Also that bedskirt is probably one of the more genius thing's I've ever done. I was going to actually MAKE a full on bedskirt with like, measuring and adhesion and stuff,  so I tucked my fabric in and around the box spring bedskirt-style to see how I liked it, and guess what happened? It stayed there. New home. New bedskirt, no sewing. Bam! Which is just as well since I'm not totally sold on the fabric. Too matchy-matchy? 

Dirty secret: Only my side and the foot of my Cal-king size bed has a skirt, since I folded my 4 yd piece in half.  Zach's side is nekkid. Shh!!! I don't think he's noticed yet.

Anyhoo- temporary/easy-to-take with me and not getting locked into anything is the name of the game these days. Which is why I decided to make my purty fabric into drapes instead of locking into a piece of upholstery.
I even kept an extra 4 inches at the bottom of each curtain and just basted the hem so that if we go somewhere that needs longer drapes, I can just let out the seam! 
In any case I'm glad that we are no longer in the running for the "Bedroom that looks most like the inside of a milk carton contest".

Did I mention I like indigo?

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  1. I really love this! Blue is my favorite color and this is just the right amount of it! Well done!


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