Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's Table This Issue

As you may know, our new apartment has its very own room dedicated to dining- which means I get to have a full size dining room table! I've been scouring craigslist and local thrift stores to try to find something that would by sturdy, versatile, and of course, pretty. Enter: The Table!
We found her yesterday and by some miracle fit in our car to take home! The table is solid cherry and has THREE leaves so it can go from seating 4 to 10. That's right. TEN. I could literally have all you followers over for dinner. All 9 of you.  (Thank you for following, by the way!)
This is her in her full ten-seater glory.

I was originally looking for a sturdy farmhouse table that I could beat up to make weathered and old. But this little lady fit the bill too perfectly- and at $160, I kind of had to.  Another cool thing is that my thrift store find is actually a dead ringer for the Ballard Designs Avignon table- with a price tag of $1,000. Ha! 

Now here's my dilemma- What do I do with her!? As I said, our apartment is more or less beige and uninteresting, the last thing I want to do is add more honey-ish tones, but looking through ballard made me think maybe I should just keep it as-is.

However, there are lots of pretty details, such as the quatrefoil in the middle leg and the ridges round the edges and legs that I think are just screaming to be a distressed white. See? But this is my dining room now: That is a card table under there. And I may or may not be using a former curtain as a tablecloth. See? Beige. And you can't tell from the picture but there's some 90's - esque track lighting that would make my french country gal feel pretty out of place. What I wouldn't give for pendant lighting.
The way I see it, I have 4 options:
1. Paint the top a dark walnut, and the legs a distressed white
2. Paint the whole thing a distressed white
3. Stain the whole thing a distressed walnut
4. Leave it as-is.

What do you think? Any other suggestions? Should I let her true colors shine or take this country gal to the city, er, Delray Beach.


  1. what kind of chairs are you pairing with it?

  2. I'm not sure yet- I have two parsons chairs that I think I'll put on either end, but for the middle... maybe vintage chairs that I'll paint to match the table. (white, walnut or even gray maybe? ) Thoughts??

  3. I think distressed walnut would be beautiful - very rustic! Although I think the cherry is a good match for the curves on the legs and edge of the table. It's a classy look.

    By the way, I think your dining room looks nice in that photo! Ahh, the wonders of photography.

    Good luck :)

    Lauren K.

  4. I love the two-tone look. We did a desk with the walnut top, distressed black legs. Mm, yum.

    Found you in the YHL comments and am enjoying the read! Plus, I love (and have) your SLAH candlesticks! ;)

  5. Thanks, Girl! I appreciate the comment, Feel free to follow if you'd like! I wound up leaving it the natural cherry, it seemed to want to stay that way. I've got some after-holiday decorating tips coming up that feature her (the table, that is!)



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