Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yule Like This Post

( and yule get this in a minute) I know. I'm sorry. I've gone away for days on end. I'm just so darn excited about everything happening with the  Holidays  Christmas. That's right, I said CHRISTMAS. OooOOOHhh 

Just because you may not celebrate it doesn't mean you can't have a merry December 25th. So there. So here's some stuff that's making me happy these days, while I wait for my photos to upload: 

1. I love having the whole family together, especially when I can escape to my own apartment at the end of dinner (BONUS) and have my husband/ DD drive there (DOUBLE BONUS) 

2. Candles have been made for all Christmas gifts (sorry for the lack of surprise to those who know they're getting something from me!) 

3. My mother in-law saying "it's half past reindeer" ( oh alan and your festive watches.) 

4. That all the holiday stuff at Michael's is at least 40% off. Who said procrastinating doesn't pay?? 

5. That pear tree with a partridge in it 

In the spirit of the season, I would like to send some of you, my devoted readers, a "thank you". The first person to comment on this post will receive a special gift from me! So go ahead! Speak up! 

Merry Christmas! 

P.S. I have so many projects it'll make your head spin, but they're secret projects right now.... 



  1. Just be careful at Michael's during prime shopping hours. You might get trapped in the fake flower aisle and totally lose your holiday high.

  2. yaaay Sara! you get a candle! :D

  3. I heart your blog and you and your DD husband :)


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