Friday, January 7, 2011

Ornaments, No. Mercury Glass, Yes.

As promised! Now that you've gotten your greenery sitch under control, here's how to keep the blues at bay. If you've got mercury glass still out from the Holdiays, good, you can keep it. The rest of it, OUT! Only in dorm rooms are (white) christmas lights allowed year-round. Don't judge, you know you had some too. 

1. West Elm : $25-75 
2. Midnight velvet: $45 ea
3. Origin Crafts: $15.90
4. Origin Crafts: $23.50
5. Origin Crafts: $9.50

What you need: 
Krylon mirror paint, your glass container (with a mouth large enough to fit your hand in to spray paint), paper, spray bottle with water.

Work on a covered surface in a well-ventilated area. Spray the a mist of water into the inside of the vessel, then follow it with the mirror spray paint.  Dry the vase on a drying rack, so that the air can circulate inside. Wait until dry and you're good to go! If someone tries this, let me know how it goes- I've been meaning to, but I've been sick the past few days :(



  1. Girl, I just looked at your portfolio and saw the barstools - they look great! Keep up the good work!


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