Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Say it, Don't Spray it

I hope Santa was good to you all this year, I know he was to me! This year Santa got me Home Depot Gift cards and a Paint sprayer! (Thanks, honey!!)

I must clarify. This is not a paintball gun. I may have had some confused friends  ( you know who you are) when I exclaimed I got a "paint gun" for Christmas. This is a gun with which to spray paint to achieve a decorative and overall improved look. Not to terrorize neighborhood children. We're clear? good.

At first, I got Husky air compressor with a paint sprayer attachment. It could work, except it's really meant for spraying thin liquids, like varnishes and finishes of various sorts,  not really paint, and any paint I would have to thin out enormously and have a heck of a cleanup - and so I started my research.

I had spent an enormous amount of time researching paint sprayers previously, but I could never find one that was a good overall value. The professional-grade ones start at around $400-$500- yikes!  And I couldn't find a clear answer whether or not they could spray latex and oil based paints. Some sprayers claimed that you could, but the reviews said "no way".  Le Sigh. What is a girl to do?!

I love to redo furniture in paint, but brushes and rollers seriously take forever. A seemingly obvious solution to this is spray paint- but frankly, I'm not a gigantic fan. Maybe I used it on the wrong project ( the upcoming chair reveal), but it was just a gigantic pain in the arse. I cannot wait to use my new paint sprayer. Well, the one I finally settled on was this bad boy:

Graco TrueCoat Handheld Electric Paint Sprayer

Hello, Lover! (said in a Carrie Bradshaw-esqe voice). This is an entry-level sprayer, perfect for small projects like trim, interiors and...furniture! Yay! It claims to spray a bevvy of liquids of varying viscosity including:
  • Oil based paints
  • Primers
  • Stains
  • Varnishes
  • Latex Paints
  • Acrylics
  • Enamels
  • Urethanes

    Oh, did I mention that it's weighing in at a whopping (not really) $199 on amazon.com?? I've got a side table project upcoming that will pit the sprayer against the roller. Round one- DING! 


    1. I just laughed reading this. I say that Carri Bradshaw line in my head all the time (usually when looking at powertools or chocolate). I love that other people are odd like me!

    2. Oh, Cece, We've got tons of that up in here- thanks for following!



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