Friday, January 28, 2011

When Post-It's Fail...

I am very sorry to say that this is EXACTLY what it looks like. I sent my husband a meeting invite to remind me to get paint from the garage before heading out to the office.  For the record, he declined my invitation. 

I have been forgetting to put the paint in the car for about a week. 
This paint in question was actually a total mistake. I needed to get paint matched for this white chair: 
And Stupid Home Depot color matching gave me gray instead of white. But really, when have I EVER complained about that? I wound up using it on this side table: 
I'm pretty sure you guys are sick of seeing pictures of this bad boy around, but incidentally, I am not. I visit her often in the guest bedroom. 

I started work on the other side table last weekend with my new paint sprayer and TOTALLY ran out of the quart in no time at all. Seriously, folks, you need to get a gallon of paint if you're going to use the sprayer. Naturally when I ran out to Home Depot to get more matched, guess who forgot the paint to GET matched. *raises hand* 

No worries, not being one to ever be bored in HD, I got some MORE gray paint that I'm using on THIS chair: 
(are we noticing a trend?) 

I'm going to try my hand at upholstering the caned back this weekend- wish me luck! You guys got any fun (or daunting) projects planned for this weekend?



  1. LOL - way to go girl!

    I have so many projects mid point - I need to finish some this weekend!

  2. I hear that! Yet I keep on buying more stuff!! What can I say, I love a good deal.
    Have a great weekend, Tara!

  3. I keep buying stuff and leaving them in my to do list. We are all the same!

  4. As a matter of fact, I'm guilty of this yet again today- I got this awesome buffet today at the thrift store during my lunch break. Hello, my name is Margaret and I have a problem...



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