Thursday, January 6, 2011

Until Next Year, Holiday Pandora.

January/February decorating is tough. You're done with Christmas (or are being forced to abandon your tree *grumble grumble*), No more sparkle, no more greenery, no more soft glow of lights *sob*

I don't know about you, but for me, I would leave my tree up all year if I could. I just love the feeling that it creates in a home. Well, I am determined to keep that warm fuzzy feeling all through the winter months. Granted, it is 70 and sunny most days here in south Florida, but when has that kept me from pretending I'm up north? Never!

Let's break down the components of Holiday decorating:
1. Greenery - Garlands, Trees
2. Sparkle- Ornaments, Mercury Glass, Twinkling Lights, Sparkly pillows and accessories
3. Warmth- Christmas lights, fireplaces, candles, warm colors, warm fabrics like furs (faux of course), velvet, knits, ect...

Regardless of your climate, or even your color scheme, I think these are pretty universal components to any festive decor. This is how I propose to change out my Christmas decor into something more post-holiday friendly, but still maintain the coziness without being the creeper who keeps the Christmas decorations up 'till March. Here's a little thing I whipped up, which is pretty much what I do in my head anyway. I get inspired from a photo, friend, or fellow blogger, research to find cost-effective alternatives, and then I think "heck, I can just MAKE this!".
Greenery: Replace your trees and garland with some fresh boxwood topiaries. These come in oodles of different sizes and shapes for whatever your purpose. Two of a kind or an assortment grouped together on a console or buffet will make you forget about that garland in no time. 

Up tomorrow- the Sparkle! 


  1. My pleasure! You've got great stuff, girl. You're welcome to any of the projects I've got going on as well!

    xo M

  2. I'm designing a special shelf/plant stand just to put some more greenery into my house! I'm SO ready for Spring and it's only January and I haven't taken my X-mas tree down yet!

  3. The transition from Holiday to just plain winter is so hard! Hopefully this'll help to make it easier until spring thaws things out!


  4. This is exactly what my empty space needs! Thanks for the link to the tute!!


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