Monday, January 17, 2011

Sugar and Spackle is on facebook!

Happy Monday, Spacklers! For all you lucky ducks that are off today, hope you are enjoying the 3-day weekend! I've been pretty delinquent this past week, I know. First I was sick, then the hubs was sick and it was just one big sick ward. Plus, I was totally loopy on decongestants and definitely have about 5 "draft" posts that made me smile when the fog cleared. Oh, and they have nothing to do with anything. Really. 
This weekend I did do some fun projects, I made moss balls! I forgot my camera cord to upload my photos, but that will be a forthcoming post. In lieu of boxwood availability a la this post, I decided to make topiaries with store-bought moss sheets. They're a must "moss"- see. heh. 

One thing I DID do today was create a page for Sugar and Spackle on Facebook! yay! So if you're looking for something to do on this lazy Monday, head on over there and friend me! 



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