Thursday, March 17, 2011

$5 Chevron Side Table

Happy St. Patty's Day! I have to say I am ashamed. I am Irish and totally forgot. However, I chalk that up to going buckwild in the name of good St. Patty this saturday past. 

I got this little guy for $5 at a thrift store some MONTHS ago, and didn't know really what to do to jazz him up. 
And then when my Valspar free paint sample arrived, it came to me! 


Also, are we noticing a color gravitation? 

'Cept here's the thing, I really stink at measuring and consistency. Kind of two things you need when doing chevron. I, on the other hand, respond very well to tracing. I very much like not having to think too much about what I'm doing. 

So I cut out this here triangle. 

And traced it out on the tabletop. (Jasper is helping)
And taped it off (not pictured) 
And painted it (not pictured) Trust me, really not that interesting. 

Done! Whee! 

And it doesn't suck! Ah, the luck of the Irish! 


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  1. Looks good girl! I like your method. It probably took A LOT less time than mine did! I bought some Martha Stewart metallic paint in 'bone' and I've been thinking of using it on a large scale chevron patterend wall in my bedroom. I just couldn't figure out how I could do the painters tape method on a whole wall. This would make it much easier. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  2. yum! love the chevs!

  3. This came out so cute. I love the blue and it goes great with that white and blue stripe pillow that's peaking out in the picture. Love it.

  4. Love it! I'd have to use a tracing tool too :)

  5. It looks great and that's a good way to handle the chevron.

  6. Love the chevron. Turned out awsome! Please link up at our link party today.

  7. Looks great! Chevron is still a fav. of mine! I need to get that paint sample offer, thanks for the reminder!

  8. oh i love that! the color is gorgeous and the pattern of course is awesome! i love chevron! great job!!!

  9. LOVE IT! I just taped off a desk drawer to do the chevron....I am hoping it turns out awesome like yours!! :-)

  10. that looks great, and i love the chevron! what a cute and snappy blog name, too!

  11. We featured you!! Link up your latest project again this week.

  12. No! it doesn't suck at all...I'm working on a desk right now with this design on the top...yours looks wonderful!

  13. This is gorgeous!! I'd love for you to link it up at Sundae Scoop.

  14. Margaret-

    Chevron is a tricky pattern to tackle. It looks simple, but it's anything BUT...

    Luck of the Irish, indeed...

    I'd LOVE if you could share this with my readers tonight @Creative Juice Thursday. Party starts @ 7pm CST. Get your crafting shoes on. Hope to see you there...

  15. Yeah for paint samples...

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday!

  16. really love this and may give it a go myself!


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