Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anthropologie Hack Candidates

Guys. What a haul I had last night at Goodwill. Seriously. I just found out it was open 'till 8 p.m. (score!). I got a couple of nifty knick nacks to aid in my upcoming St. Patty's/ Easter Decorating. But the crowning jewel of my finds is this FOLDING CHAIR. 
This may not seem that exciting to you, so let me explain. I have been wanting to go Anthropologie hack on these chairs for EVER. 

Yeah you read that right, almost $200 smackers for a FOLDING CHAIR. Oh, did I mention that my goodwill folding chair cost $3.49?? BooYAH! 

AND now that I ordered my sewing machine, I can make matching double welt cording. Mwahaha! 

P.S. I like how that picture makes my flip flops look dainty. My size 10 feet are anything but. 

I also got these mirrors: 
For a grand total of $15 buckaroos. 

They each have a different pattern on them, and they're all in great shape! I was thinking about maybe trying to make it look like aged carved wood to tie in my cherry wood dining table (seen peeking through) and do an acid-eaten mirror thing: 

What do you think? Should I go the weather-beaten wood route, or do it some bold color like teal and glaze them? 



  1. I love the vintage looking mirrors and can't wait to see what you do with that chair. I love a good re-do project.

  2. The chair is calling my name!! Great finds!

  3. great finds!! :)


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