Friday, March 11, 2011

Perfect Fabric Happy Dance!

As this title suggests- I found the perfect ikat for my french dining chairs. Whee! 

My needs were simple, yet the search was extensive and HARD. I went through dozens, literally dozens of samples. Ordered swatches online, waited impatiently for then to arrive, then I compared, scrutinized and compared again. Narrowed it down only to realize that the fabrics I selected were $30/yd. Yeah, no. 
I considered scrapping the idea once or twice. 

And then yesterday my swatches from LS Fabrics showed up. And this beaut was among them: 

 Me: "oOOooh!" This could work...

OH! This is it! Yes! Yes! Yes! 
I sprint to my computer, whip open the screen, type the URL feverishly only to find ....

SON OF A....

I started praying and googling at the same time that I could find this PERFECT fabric. Well, I did. Except it was $44/yd. Yeah, no.  So I did what any mature adult would do. Spent the next 12 hours grumbling. 

But never fear, friends. There is a light at the end of that tunnel. Because TODAY I found this: 
From Tallahassee Decorative Fabrics

*Insert Liz Lemon manic laughter* I BEAT YOU, LS FABRICS! I WIN! AND FOR $1 less! HA! 

Anyhoo, I ordered it and now I am mucho excited.

The End. 



  1. love that fabric! I definitely need to get on the ball in recovering one of my chairs...but I am a bit nervous to start! can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!!!!!

  2. Duh, winning. Looks good girl! I've been on the search for the perfect fabric too. I'm thinking of just using drop cloths (for durability) and stenciling it.

  3. YEAH! Great choice and at a better price! I am so looking forward to seeing these chairs!

  4. Liz, I thought about doing that but I just couldn't decide. I think I would have done that if I were going for the frenchy thing. A la Miss Mustard Seed.

    I have to un-glaze my two arm chairs cause I think the ikat looks MUCH better against a saturated pallet, otherwise things get a little too busy.


  5. I love the fabric. Beautiful and saving $1.00 a yard isn't bad


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