Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chalkboard Buffet

I had such a blast working on this piece. It was a super ugly 70's server, but I saw huge potential when I saw its fold out top: 

I love the versatility of it. You get lots of room when you need it, with little big impact on your day-to-day space. I wanted it to have a really worn look. So the word of the day working on this was "bejesus"As in, " I'm going to distress the bejesus out of this thing". I really took that mantra to heart. 

 The funnest part? The fold-out chalkboard top! Please forgive me, I had no chalk so I couldn't write a fun little message for you. But I just love the idea! You can change it up for any occasion, which is my opinion of ideal entertaining-ware.  Buut I'll probably just write inappropriate things. Like "poop". 
 Extreme close up! Woooah!

Ain't she pretty?

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  1. WOW...that buffet is GORGEOUS!! The chalk on top, very creative! You are such a bad girl wanting to write POOP on it!!! You make me laugh....A LOT!

  2. Love! I'm envisioning a wine & cheese party with descriptions of each cheese written right on the buffet.

  3. Great idea, Tera! That's a teensy bit more mature than my idea. Perhaps when I feel like being an adult ;)

  4. That's a beautiful buffet made all the more so with your clever handiwork.. I love that foldout top..

    Have a great week... ciao xxx Julie

  5. Great transformation - so cute! I'm dropping by from A Beach Cottage, Good Life Wednesday. :O)

  6. It's fabulous. I love the colour and the way it unfolds for extra work surface. Brilliant purchase and upgrade.

  7. Very pretty! I love the color and the hideaway chalkboard:)

  8. LOVE, love, LOVE it! You did a beautiful job on this and I love the chalkboard top. I am envisioning dinner parties with the food labels written on the table!

  9. Cocktails, poop. Any message is more fun in chalk!

  10. That is super great! But don't write poop on it unless there is a plate of Baby Ruths there too.


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