Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chair Redesign HELP Needed!

Here's the thing. I have this set of four chairs. I got them because we had no chairs when we moved into our apartment in December 2010. The chairs are not bad, really. As a matter of fact I think a lot of people like them; I like them too. BUT I have a feeling that my dining room is taking a turn for the worldly- eclectic thing instead of the shabby chic french thing. My dining set is VERY fransch (thats 'french' with an accent) shabby chic. 

Should I redo the chairs in keeping with the french style and try to sell them all together as a set and start over from scratch? Or should I try to upholster them and make them more... current. My fear is if I try a bold pattern like ikat or chevron, they'll wind up looking puke-tastic.  Like peppy le pew in a cowboy hat. Doesn't work. He's french. They don't do that. Also, funny story. These chairs have been repainted 2 times now( in 4 months) because I can't figure out what the heck I want to do with them. See? I am nuts. Seriously. Head problems over here, people. 


My inspiration that tells me maybe, just maybe I can pull this crazy crap off : 
see? doesn' t that look so good?!
I should note that I plan on upholstering the caned back too... 

Here are some fabric choices I am considering: 

Are we noticing a trend here? Textural but still soft. 
What do you think? Honestly. But be nice to my poor muddled brain. I have no flippin' idea. I need help from all your fantastic designy-ness. 



  1. Visiting your blog from Vintage Vine. I am now your newest follower. :) Come check me out if you get a chance.

  2. I say keep the chairs, I almost bought some like them yesterday. You can pull that off! I love the last fabric, it has other colors that you can bring in!!! Is the dark blue fabric West Elm? I do like it too! I just paintd a chair white and put some of that left over brown ikat on it and I love it...hopefully if my computer problems get solved I'll post it later today. Then you can see that and it may help you have another example to see!! Whatever you do will look beautiful!!!!

  3. I love the last one too! It's called 'Namaste'. Ohmmm. I did order some swatches so hopefully I can have some real life comparisons soon. I adore that ikat fabric you got from etsy, lisa. the pattern is gorgeous. wordly and texural but not too nuts. We shall seee...

    Thanks for your feedback!!


  4. i have the perfect inspiration photo for you! i'll email it! :)

  5. I totally think you should reupholster! They're gorgeous chairs and I think it will really work with the eclectic/vintage/funky thing you're going for. I vote the last pic - the grey/blue/mustard. I like that it has a soft, yet more modern, design and has the overall grey/cream thing going for it while adding just a touch of color to the palatte. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. I definitely think you should reupholster. I'm really liking the second fabric. The blue would look great with the white chair.

  7. Hey lady! Reupholster of course! I think what works about your inspiration shot is the saturated colors... maybe an ikat with the same blues as your bottle collection ;-)

  8. Keep them and totally use that last fabric! I'm completely in love with it!

  9. Hey girl! I meant to tell you when we were chatting earlier - if you're looking for great (cheap) ikat, check out Lewis and Sheron fabrics, based out of Atlanta. (Just Google it.) I don't know where you're "sourcing" from (god, we're fancy), but check them out before you buy b/c they are cheap and awesome! Also congrats on Jasper! YAY!


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