Thursday, March 3, 2011

Different Glazes for Different... Phases?

Woohoo! Thursday! 
Lately I've been fooling around with glazes. I really like how a glaze can add depth and, depending on which one you choose, can totally change the look of whatever your item is. 
Remember my candlesticks from my weekend finding? 


Before you start hitting your computer screen- yes they are different colors! I painted them my super pale gray "oops!" paint that I used on my art-deco side tables and then distressed them. THEN I 'glazed' the right stick with regular old dark walnut stain from Minwax that I had lying around. Pretty much I just wanted to see what would happen. As you can see, you get a whole heck of an all-over color, since the stain is not water-based like a typical glaze, you have a much harder time wiping it off, and much more stays on. BUT, as you can see compared to the unglazed 'stick, you can see a lot more of the detail of the actual piece. I personally prefer the one on the left. I think I might try a black water-based glaze to give it some depth in the cracks, but not all-over color.

These poor chairs. I was also experimenting with glazes on THEM this weekend too. I must have been really obnoxious as a child with all this curiosity. I couldn't get the detail by showing the whole chair, so the first two are of the top, second two photos are of the legs. 





I know what you're thinking. Margaret, aren't these the same chairs that you were just talking about totally re-re-doing yesterday? Yes, yes they are. I told you I was downright nutty. I did these when I was thinking about making them into the french-country-ish style. I think I have since decided to go bold with them. Go big or go home!

What about you guys? Any good tips to share on glazing/finishing? And color combos or formulas you've found to just hit it out of the park when you're going for a certain "look"?



  1. I agree, love the first version. I'm working on benches right now and am at a stand still on how to distress them to at least somewhat match a console table. Ironically, we live in the same, glad to be following your site now, neighbor! I'm a Breakers fan. My inlaws stay there for every visit and I've taken advantage of the poolside cabanas on many an occassion ;). Love it! I love the spray machine idea too BTW! My friend owns a paintin business and has offered to "lend me his services". I might just have to make the investment :).Love your blog!

  2. Glazes are a tough one for me!! I am always tweaking them....I have used premaid ones and homemade ones....My fav was the Ralph Lauren Tea stain...Home Depost stopped carrying RL and now I have a hard time finding it!!! The candle sticks are great...I'm all in favor of going even a little darker with it!


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