Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Flippin' Love This Chick

Not only does she have rockin' style, I more or less peed my pants reading her blog today.  Who is this, you ask? None other than Bri at Me, You and a weiner

Dear Bri, 
Let's be buds. 
K, thanks. 

Some photos for your enjoyment: 
This is an ikea hack-ed dresser. Can you believe it? You can see the progression here
Her gorgeous home has more than enough high-style-for-peanuts-prices-DIY to feast your eyes on, but it's her commentary that makes this a trifecta of entertainment. 

That's one bad ass wiener. 
Oh and I'm seriously jealous of her DOG's bed. 
'Nuff Said- check this lady out. 


  1. ok, I literally lol-ed at the "I effin love cocaine" pic. That chick is frickin funny.

  2. LOL I know!!!! HAHAHA Check out the cartoons page, I'm sitting at work stifling my laughter so I wind up with these weird, gasping snorts. TMI?
    Anyway. Made my day.

  3. BTW Timmy hates the bed I made him, that a**hole. Thanks again for the sharing!



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